Mountain Ridge mixed-use residential estate


EPD (PTY) Ltd a joint venture, of which ASLA is now the sole shareholder, was awarded the tender for the 40-hectare Mountain Ridge mixed-use residential estate in 2009. At the time, a Land Availability Agreement was concluded between the Developer, Department of Human Settlements and Drakenstein Municipality and civil and construction development began in 2017.

The project saw ASLA zoning the land (residential, retail, education, places of worship, public open spaces) as well as constructing the bulk infrastructure and installing all requisite internal services (roads, water, electrical, telecommunications).

Some interesting facts about this GAP/affordable housing development include:
  • The estate includes 1950 residential erven (1000 single, 600 general and 350 social)
  • Erf sizes range between 120m2– 300m2
  • The houses range between 40m2 – 120m2 in size
  • Planned apartments range between 25m2 – 50m2 in size
  • The houses are being marketed, sold, and constructed by third party professional companies independent of ASLA
  • The estate is very popular, and sales have been very successful, with four of the six phases completely sold out
  • Some Western Cape Farms purchased homes for their farm workers in the development which is in the heart of a very active farming area.

The shopping centre, primary school and day care site, places of worship and public open spaces were zoned and serviced accordingly. @ASLA DEVCO handed the school and hospital sites over to @Department of Public Works, and the shopping centre site was zoned and serviced by ASLA before being sold to a retail developer. The centre opened its doors in July 2023 and is known as Paarl Village Convenience Centre

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August 29, 2023